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  • Natalie Terrani

YUNMUN Competition

Model UN is a program at North Shore where students can channel their inner delegates in mock United Nations meetings. The most recent event, YUNMUN, was hosted by Yeshiva University in Connecticut. Only the most determined and driven students were chosen to compete against yeshivas from all around the country. Each school was assigned to address the problems of a specific country, and come up with solutions to tackle them efficiently. Once the students arrived at the event, they were all assigned to different committees where different international issues were brought up and discussed. Delegates were tasked with presenting their opinion on the issue on behalf of their assigned country. In the committee meetings, students representing different countries collaborated to find effective solutions for the problems being discussed.

From personal experience, I can say that Model UN is an amazing way to stimulate a student’s critical thinking, leadership, and problem-solving skills. Participants must be committed and driven, and they are capable of forming their own opinions on serious world issues. North Shore is extremely proud of two students in particular, Abby Rutta and Sarah-Kate Leibowitz, who received honorable mentions at YUNMUN thanks to their outstanding performances. That being said, aside from the competitive aspect of Model UN, the event organizers incorporated fun activities such as talent shows and different challenges to keep students engaged and enjoying the experience. Model UN is an amazing place for students to challenge themselves, collaborate with like-minded young adults, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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