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Words of Wisdom from the Class Speaker

The senior class is currently in a position which could be best described as having one foot in the door, and the other out. As we look towards the future, plan for tomorrow, and strategize, we can’t help but feel saddened by the idea of leaving the sense of familiarity that North Shore harbors in our hearts. It would only be fair to leave the underclassmen with some words of “wisdom.” (note: this is inherently paradoxical since there is little to no wisdom here)

Freshmen: Sophomore year is a blast. You’re introduced to real high school- begin to take APs, increase your workload, join clubs and attend events, and the infamous chemistry class! I highly advise you to take full advantage of Mr. Muir’s class. His hilarious readings and interesting course made for probably the best class I have ever taken. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Sophomores: With junior year comes studying for standardized tests, and a lot of stress. First, don’t let yourself drown in work, APs, or stress- it’s not worth it. Be sure to organize your time as efficiently as possible in a way that allows you to balance school, extracurricular, studying for ACTs/SATs, and being with friends. Remember to keep a strict balance because if you don’t, you will burn out.

Juniors: Seniors! I know how weird it feels to be next in line for the college admissions process, but as I told the Juniors- don’t let it break you. After you stomach the first semester filled with never ending supplements and bothering college guidance, senior year is truly, the most fun and relaxing experience. I recognize how incredibly cheesy I sound when I say, don’t take it for granted. Savor every moment.

I speak on the behalf of the entire graduating class when I say that we will never forget the memories we made at North Shore. Good luck!

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