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Winning D'var Torah, Day 1

The winner of the Dvar Torah given on the first day was Senior Michelle Malakov. Michelle was tasked with explaining the 4 stages of redemption and how they relate to the Passover Seder. In addition to answering this prompt, she gave an inspirational message to each grade. Congratulations to Michelle Malakov!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen my name is Michelle Malakov. I am the general of the senior class. As we all know Passover is approaching. Passover is a time of freedom, and growth. The Jews were enslaved in Egypt for 420 years. They were forced to do unbearable and difficult tasks. Throughout our personal lives there are times in which we feel like we are in our own Egypt. We are held down by our old habits, overwhelmed with obligations, and just stuck in a place we don’t want to be. We are slaves to what controls us. Passover is a holiday of freedom where we remember who we are, and try to reach our true potential. Hashem has given us 4 steps to reach that goal.

  1. Vehozeti - I took you out of the mindset that you were stuck in.

  2. Vehizalti - I physically saved you from the actions that you were doing while you were a slave.

  3. Vegalti - I redeem you, and show you your true goals and aspirations.

  4. Velachacti - I took you to actualize your potential

Let me bring you a marshal to further my point. There was once a man who after 120 years on this earth passed away. He went up to heaven and was called into Hashem's waiting room. Hanging in the waiting room was a big screen. The man sat down and started watching his life from the beginning. As he was watching he realized when good things happened to him. His first baby steps, his bar mitzvah, his wedding, the birth of his children, and life is just doing great there are two sets of footsteps. But the times when his life was difficult and painful. When he loses his job, he fights with his wife, and he gets sick. There was only one set of footsteps. He was shocked. How could it be he thought that when I was suffering when I was going through my pain Hashem left me? Come on Hashem he cried, where were you? Hashem looked at him and said, ”My son you are mistaken. The reason why there was only one set of footsteps was because when you were going through all of your hardships I was carrying you on my back I never left you.”

David Hamelech writes in Psalms גם כי אלך בגיא צלמוות לא אירא רע כי אתה עם עדי

“even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me."

Freshman, I know it seems scary right now. High school seems daunting, and over wearing but it’s amazing and enjoy moment. Use this year to unite as a grade and set your journey to succeed at the end.

Sophomores, now that you have united as a grade start focusing on your individual academic future.

Juniors, you have hopefully stated to realize the importance of your academic life, but between all the APs and the college process don’t forget to stay on the path of Torah. Do not let bad influences take hold of you and your greatness.

Seniors, my family. We are finally here. We have united as Freshmen, we have paved our path to academic success as Sophomores, and we have finally completed the college process. We tried our best to stay on the path of Torah. Now it’s time to go through the 5th stage of redemption, Veheveti. I bring you into maturing and adulthood. I have no doubt that we will continue to spread the light of Torah onto the world, and take on the unknown adventure that awaits us in the upcoming years. But for now what is certain is that we are going to win this Shiriyah!!!!!

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