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  • Gabriella Kahen

Why do we celebrate Hanukkah for Eight Days and not Seven?

Beit Yosef raises a question: why do we celebrate Hanukkah for eight days and not seven? Isn't the first day that the oil burned not considered a miracle but the seven days succeeding that are? This is actually a very good question but has a very simple answer. We know that everything on earth, big or small, is brought by Hashem. G-d even controls tiny insects that might have nothing to do with anyone on earth. So, when the oil lasted on the first day even though it was already expected to, we need to realize that even that was controlled and intended by Hashem. So, although the oil was already supposed to last on the first day, we still commemorate it because it was still a miracle. After fighting a war and looking for oil through a destroyed temple, it was even a miracle that such a small amount was found. From this, we can learn to be more grateful to G-d. Even things that we expect to happen on a daily basis that we perceive as simple are planned by Hashem and are intended to happen. Even the sun rising or waking up in the morning is all planned by G-d. It's all in his control. With that, I hope everyone had a meaningful Hanukkah, takes more notice on small everyday things, and realizes that they are all small miracles that Hashem does for us.

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