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  • Samantha Carmili

Welcome Back to School!

On September 6th, with a feeling of excitement in the air, the 2022-23 school year began with an energetic and terrific start! Not only were students delighted to reconnect with their peers after the long summer break, but students were also welcomed with exciting new additions to the school building! The first and most obvious change for many of the hungry students was the lunchroom, specifically the new sushi vending machines. With the swipe of a credit card and the press of a few buttons, students can now buy their sushi, as well as the highly popular spicy mayo and sweet sauce, from the vending machine themselves. There are also new and tasty lunch options ranging from hot meat meals to salads and sandwiches.

The Minyanim in the school have also changed. The main shul, led by Rabbi Weinberg, now davens in the Sephardic style. There are many new Minyanim for Ashkenazim and Sephardim. Some of these are led by Rabbi Kobrin, Rabbi Braun, Rabbi Weiss, and Rabbi Miller.

In addition, this year, the majority of students were given new lockers, which was a wonderful and refreshing way to begin the new school year.

The Class of 2023 launched into the new school year with immense excitement. The seniors wore matching Spongebob themed shirts in order to raise money for their yearbook! They also began hurriedly hanging up flyers on the walls to promote their clubs!

Furthermore, there was a delicious bake sale that took place on the third week of school. A wide variety of delectable baked goods made by NSHA students and parents were for sale. Students were able to purchase cakes, pies, cookies, and everything in between in the school's lobby! How delicious?!

Don’t worry, the festivities of the new year have not yet ended! On October 7, there will be a Simcha Rally at school, with an extremely exciting Student vs. Faculty Dodgeball Tournament. In addition, donuts will be offered for sale in the cafeteria, with all proceeds going to Tzedaka! "The first few weeks of school have been incredibly exciting," says Senior Chloe Ganjian, "and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds!"

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