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  • Shoshana Horn

Vice Presidential Debate

The Vice Presidential debate between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence was coherent and inspiring, especially when compared to the raucous performance of President Trump versus Joe Biden. There was even some professional courtesy as VP Pence even congratulated Harris’ on her “historic” nomination. A respectful exchange of answers to the moderator’s questions occurred for most of the debate between the two. Harris’ answers were poised and direct, asking voters to remember their run for toilet paper while Vice President Pence pressed Harris on whether the Harris-Biden presidency would stack the Supreme Court. As expected, the Coronavirus pandemic was a major topic of debate, even before it began. Since VP Pence was seen at the Rose Garden that led to many positive COVID cases (including that of President Trump), there was a lot of negotiation between the Harris and Pence teams on how the location would maintain appropriate social distancing. The stage was set with large plexiglass shielding both candidates and their desks very far apart. Harris and Pence debated the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic with Pence maintaining the Trump presidency has been successful, while Harris declared she would only take a vaccine if Dr. Fauci and a qualified medical team were to approve it. There were some comical moments, especially with the fly landing and staying on top of Pence’s head, as well as Harris’ dramatic facial expressions. Overall, it was refreshing to watch an actual debate and just what the voters need to really assess the 2020 election.

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