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  • Ariel Azar

Underrated Shiriyah Events- Trivial Pursuit

As this year’s Shiriyah ends, one can note many activities played by the grades that may be underrated. The most underrated of them all is the game of Trivial Pursuit. Trivial Pursuit is a Canadian-made Trivia game where you answer trivia questions to win the game. Hosted by Candiaophile and Chemist enthusiast Mr. Gerard Wykes, the games were fun and surprising, to say the least. The first game played was the Seniors vs the Juniors. For the Juniors, it was depressing if not more than that as the Juniors not only were caught cheating using their phones but also choked on a 3-1 lead to the Seniors and lost the game. The 2nd game between Sophomores and Freshmen was surprising as compared to the first game as compared to the delegation of 4 Sophomores the Freshmen sent only one person to play the game and even he didn’t last to the end of the two periods as he also represented the Freshmen in robotics and even though the game was close at 2-1 Sophomores, the Freshmen decided to concede early. A member of the opposing side said that it felt like the Freshmen had no spirit and that he was not surprised when the final points were tallied up and Freshmen were dead last in Shiriyah. When the winning teams faced the championship, it was very competitive where the Sophomores almost made a comeback but in the end, lost to the seniors.

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