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  • Maytal Baruch

Trump Challenges the Results of the Election

On Saturday, most media outlets called the 2020 presidential election for Democrat Joe Biden, likely one of the closest in American history.

Republican President Donald Trump has tried to dispute the decision. The race was so close in states including but not limited to Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada, that Donald Trump has alleged voter fraud and is in the process of taking legal action to challenge the results reported thus far.

According to senior writer and analyst Harry Enten of CNN Politics, “Trump would need at least one recount to shift the margin over by 0.62 points and 20,000 votes (Biden’s current margin in Wisconsin) to win. That’s just not possible…” Even if Trump gets a recount, the chances of him winning are awfully slim.

In a Washington Post article, senior political reporter Aaron Blake said that President Trump’s challenges of the 2020 election results are “baseless and highly speculative.” Even a number of Trump’s associates have acknowledged the uselessness of Trump’s attempts, and his claims have been rebuked by judges as his arguments are simply unfounded.

In a recent courtroom scene in Pennsylvania, one of Trump’s attorneys argued that all Republican observers had been removed from the vote-counting room for Philadelphia, and therefore the count should be stopped immediately. However, after intense questioning Judge Paul S. Diamond uncovered the truth that there was in fact “a nonzero number of people in the room.”

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