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Toy Drive

Chanukah is early this year and there are many families who will not be able to buy gifts for their kids. Chai Lifeline is a chesed organization that helps children with terminal or chronic illnesses and their families through many different programs and services. They provide social, emotional, and financial assistance to these children and their families. NSHAHS is promoting a Chai Lifeline Toy Drive from November 15 - December 3, 2021 to “brighten a sick child’s life by donating a toy today. “

According to Ms. Debra Gold, North Shore has been involved with the toy drive for “about 10 years” and “Every toy is special in the hands of a child, especially if it puts a smile on his/her face and takes away the pain and discomfort even for a short time.” What many people do not realize is that in families where one child is sick, the siblings also need attention and help: “The toys will be distributed not only to Jewish children in hospitals battling cancer and chronic illness, but also to their siblings. It is very difficult for the siblings of these sick children as much of the parents attention and time goes to the sick child.”

It is a great and easy mitzvah to donate a toy to a sick child, so everyone should bring in a toy or even cash or gift card now until December 3. “Any new toy is welcomed as they service children of all ages,” said Ms. Gold. “Gift cards or cash are also very much appreciated. When the toy drive concludes, by the end of November, I will contact Chai Lifeline and they will send a representative to pick up the toys.”

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