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  • Ella Hakimian

Totally Awesome Tuesday

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Ready to get back to normal life and fun, maskless activities, North Shore celebrated Purim in the most spirited way imaginable. Tuesday, March 15th, was costume day at school. Students showed up in all sorts of costumes, ranging from poofy princess dresses to dinosaurs. Some of my personal favorites included imitations of characters from the famous sitcom, Victorious, and fraternity boy costumes. The day began with a huge chagigah in the gym. Students and faculty danced the morning away and listened to great music! The senior class then proceeded to keep the festive spirit alive by having all their teachers limbo under a bagel limbo stick - even Dr. Vitow joined in on the fun. Following students’ lunch periods, the Headmaster's Council held an auction in order to raise money for Chai Lifeline, a charity dedicated to providing aid to children diagnosed with threatening and lifelong illnesses. Anything and everything you could possibly imagine was available: points on a test, front-row basketball game tickets, facials, college essentials kits, lunch and dinner with your favorite teachers, and much, much more. Altogether, the student body was able to successfully raise over $7,000 dollars! To top off the wonderful day, every student received a hamentashen during dismissal. Teachers called it “the craziest school day ever,” and students claimed that it “really exceeded [their] expectations.” Totally awesome Tuesday definitely lived up to its name and was a great time enjoyed by all!

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