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The Power of Emunah

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

What is Emunah? Emunah is a person’s exclusive, or personal, faith in Hashem. Every person has their own level of Emunah which Hashem challenges throughout all aspects of their life. One way by which Hashem provokes one’s Emunah is by pushing their buttons to their limits by challenging their true character. Each person acts differently when no one is watching them. In life, it is our job to realize that we must be true to ourselves at all times and remember that Hashem is always watching us and is there to guide us in the right direction.

Rabbi Yoel Gold is an Orthodox Rabbi who makes videos of amazing stories about Emunah. In one true story, there were two observant brothers that owned a jewelry store. One Shabbat, they received constant phone calls from the alarm company and were very concerned about whether they should answer and go save their business or continue keeping Shabbat. They kept Shabbat and resisted the temptation to answer the phone calls. After Shabbat, they drove to their jewelry store and noticed that the door was still locked. When they opened the door, they found the showcases shattered on the floor with missing jewelry and rushed to check the safe. B'Ezrat Hashem, the safe still contained all of its merchandise which left them questioning how the robbery took place. Later, the police came and asked them why they didn’t answer the alarm calls. They explained to the police that nothing comes between them and Shabbat. The police said that their Shabbat saved their lives. Puzzled, they asked, how is that? The police explained that robbers broke in through the AC vent and they purposely triggered the alarm expecting the owners to come open the safe at which point they kill them and take everything in the safe. From this we learn that our Emunah in Hashem will save our lives. In the Torah, it says Lishmor et Hashabbat, keep the Shabbat, and in this case, Shabbat kept them.

This story is one profound example of the power of Emunah and the blessings one may receive from it. Hashem is always paying very close attention to how we channel our Emunah into our lives. It is our job to seize every opportunity in life to bring ourselves one step closer to Hashem. Trust in Hashem. You will never lose.

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