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  • Natalie Terrani

The Inside Scoop on Headmaster's Council

The plentiful experiences and opportunities provided by North Shore Hebrew Academy constantly put smiles on students’ faces- even in the midst of the stressful school year. Due to the joy and positivity that these events contribute to our school, it is crucial that all students take a moment to appreciate the masterminds behind everything: the Headmaster’s Council. Headmaster’s Council is a club in which members meet once a week during school hours and discuss changes that could be made to improve students' experiences at school. At the conclusion of each month, this group of students presents their ideas to Dr. Vitow and Rabbi Weinberg, who determine whether to pass them. Some of their accomplishments include spirit week, the auction (with charity to Chai Lifeline), Chanukah and Purim chagigot, the JV basketball team’s victory party, customized water bottle giveaways, and even free breakfast every morning. For many, it may be surprising to learn that all of these amazing affairs were planned and executed by the Headmaster's Council! Abigail Mottahedeh, a senior member of the Headmaster’s council, has expressed that “Headmaster’s Council is one of [her] favorite clubs as [she is] able to represent [her] grade and attend to their needs and wants. [She] also love[s] planning programs and events to increase school spirit.” The students at NSHAHS are extremely blessed to have people like Abigail who are constantly working to please them and make school the best part of their day, and ultimately, make their school year more enjoyable.

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