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  • Chloe Ganjian

The Effects of COVID

COVID-19 has definitely taken our world by storm and altered our everyday lives. Wearing masks all day, sitting at desks 6 feet apart, and constantly sanitizing our hands has become the new norm. We’ve been grappling with the effects of the Coronavirus in school, and as the holidays approach, we must be cautious and safe in our communities as well. Outside of our North Shore community, most of us once planned to go to shul with our family and friends for the holidays. Now, those plans may no longer exist.

Due to the pandemic, many synagogues are not opening for the high holidays. Some are not opening their indoor sanctuaries, but have tents outside for congregants who still must wear masks and follow strict protocols. Some synagogue are staying completely open and enforcing strict guidelines that their members must follow.

No matter what your synagogue decides, it is still going to feel different. Even though we can no longer sit close to our friends, there are still things that we can do to make the holidays feel as “normal” as possible. One of these is to continue praying to G-d. COVID-19 can not take away our ability to pray to Hashem, so no matter where you are sitting in the synagogue, make sure to open your siddur and daven!

COVID-19 has affected our community in several other ways as well. Restaurants are at limited capacity, communal gatherings are no longer taking place and masks are required wherever you go. In addition to wearing masks and limiting our contact with others, the best thing we can do during this uncertain time is to stay positive and engage in communal activity through Zoom.

Wishing you all a Chag Sameach, remember to wear a mask, and stay optimistic for what the future holds!

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