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  • Aaron Baruch

The Coronavirus- Team Trump

President Trump has stopped at nothing to keep the United States safe, and has done an exceptional job. Everyone seems to be focused on confirmed cases and deaths, but there are other statistics that need to be considered, which show how we have been successful in fighting this virus.

Look at the case-fatality rate, for example. At a rate of 2.7%, the proportion of people who have died from the virus to those who have been diagnosed with it is much lower than other countries. This means that the Trump Administration has prevented many patients from being killed by the deadly virus. Contrast our success with that of the countries you cited: Canada, has a case-fatality rate of 5.1%, and Germany has one of 2.8%.

Context matters: when looking at the high number of cases in the U.S., we must take into account the significant amount of testing that the Trump Administration has provided. Compared to Canada, the U.S. provides almost double the amount of tests. And those countries that were supposedly doing better than us like Israel and Italy; they are now experiencing massive surges and a second wave.

Trump responded effectively to the Coronavirus early on. In January, it was President Trump who immediately cut off all travel to China and enhanced airport screenings to prevent the spread of the virus into our country. When the virus did, unfortunately, begin to spread into the country, Trump managed to build the world’s leading testing system. By June, we had conducted an incredible 65 million tests, more than any other country in the world.

Trump has been strictly enforcing CDC guidelines to slow the spread of the virus, instructing the American people to wash hands, wear masks when in public, social distance, and restrict large gatherings. To make sure that every state had the necessary resources to fight the virus, Trump led the largest mobilization of public and private sector resources since WWII. Billions of PPE were delivered, over 20 million swabs and tubes of transport media were developed and 100,000 ventilators were produced to make sure any patient who needed one would receive it. Trump has massively increased the availability of laboratory and testing supplies through the use of the Defense Production Act as well as public-private partnerships. We are now closer than ever to the final stage of vaccine development, thanks to the president’s Operation Warp Speed, the effort to create a vaccine in record time.

The president understood that the Coronavirus was not merely a health issue; American workers and their families needed help. Trump supported the Paycheck Protection Program which helped save 51 million American jobs. Trump provided direct payments to struggling Americans during the pandemic, tax relief, unemployment benefits, student debt relief, and prevented Americans from losing their homes due to eviction or foreclosure. This relief package totaled more than $2 trillion going to American families and small businesses. The CARES act will provide billions of dollars to health care providers, life-saving capabilities, and to the Federal Emergency Management Agency Disaster Relief Fund. As Trump gave these crucial financial resources to Americans and flattened the curve through his effective response to the pandemic, he helped states safely reopen and made sure they had the necessary supplies and guidelines to prevent another shutdown.

The president has responded effectively, helping to save lives and keep our economy going. VP Biden and supporters have criticized the president but the truth is that the Biden campaign was saying the same things as Trump in the early days of the virus and there is no evidence that a Biden administration would have done a better job.

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