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  • Jeremy Sofiev

The Coronavirus- Team Biden

My friend Aaron said something in his speech that is just demonstrably false: He stated that the president has been strictly enforcing CDC guidelines to slow the spread of the virus, instructing the people to wear masks in public and to social distance. I would ask everyone watching- go to google: start with the recent rallies that the President has held- was everyone wearing masks? Was anyone social distancing? Even at the first presidential debate, that was at the Cleveland Medical clinic, the president’s family refused to wear masks even after they were requested to do so. Recall that during the debate, the president mocked Vice President Biden for always wearing a mask. Last but not least, the White House has even experienced a super spreader event during the nomination of Justice Barrett—take a look at the pictures—Trump and his supporters were not wearing masks or social distancing, so this notion that Trump has been an advocate for CDC prevention guidelines is simply inaccurate.

Even Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading Infectious disease specialist, point-blank said that he was not surprised when the president and members of the administration contracted the virus. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell was asked why he has not been to the White House since early August and he answered bluntly: it is not safe there. This is a president who at every step of the way, instead of modeling responsible behavior that may have contained the spread of the virus, served as an example of what not to do!

As a matter of policy, this president has rejected efforts at the local and national level to impose mask mandates or contact tracing. The president’s leading advisor on the Coronavirus, Dr. Scott Atlas, who has no formal training in infectious diseases, stated that masks are ineffective. Meanwhile, the CDC has found that wearing masks could save 130,000 lives.

Aaron stated that a Joe Biden presidency would not have done any better. That is simply not true because we already know that Biden, unlike Trump has called for mask mandates- a policy that has saved lives in other countries; and unlike the president, Biden consistently wears. We also know that Biden would support contact tracing. In short, we know that a Biden presidency would follow the best practices of countries like South Korea and would be guided by science, not magical thinking.

Over 220,000 Americans have already died of the Coronavirus under the president’s watch. There is one simple reason why so many other countries have lower rates of infection and lower mortality rates than the US, and that is a failure of leadership. Don’t let Aaron fool you with a collection of misleading claims- any competent president would have employed the Defense Authorization Act which the president delayed doing so. Meanwhile, the president’s alleged efforts on behalf of American workers and families were the result of Democratic leadership in Congress insisting that he do the right thing. Furthermore, any responsible president would have at least studied a previous administration’s prepared playbook for dealing with a pandemic. Instead, this president, who is so intent on overturning anything with Barack Obama’s name on it, just threw it away. And now of course he continues to want to eliminate the Affordable Care Act that provides insurance for millions of Americans—that’s right, in the time of a pandemic, the president’s department of justice is trying to eliminate a health program that millions of Americans rely upon. Has President Trump even offered a meaningful alternative? The answer is no. Four years ago, The president took an oath to protect and defend the people of the United States of America. On the issue of the coronavirus, the most important issue facing his presidency, he has failed.

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