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  • Sofia LoPresti

The Club Fair at NSHAHS

What’s a new school year if not for a fun event to start the year?

NSHA High School hosted said fun event: a club fair, which took place this past Tuesday. It was held in the gym (which, by the way, is an amazing place to be, especially if you want to try out for a sports team) and was open to all grades. It featured a variety of clubs for students of all interests, ranging from art clubs (pottery, drawing and painting) to advocacy clubs (Us Against Bullying, Israel Awareness) to political and business clubs (DECA, Model Congress, Investing) to STEM clubs (Math Research, Science Society) and so many more!

So many students enjoyed themselves at the club fair, and honestly, how could you not?! In addition to the amazing clubs everyone learned about, small candies were handed out. There had to have been at least a few candy wrappers on the floor that day! Sophomore Ariella Geller offered her thoughts on the club fair: “It had a nice variety of interesting clubs.” Likewise, Johnny Levy, a sophomore, said “I thought it was a great way to see all the different types of extracurriculars that North Shore offers, and it exposed students to many options.”

Many of our students participated not only by stopping by, but by advocating for the clubs as well. Everyone who represented a club gave some insight as to what each one is about. For example, Elisheva Lemonik, a sophomore at NSHAHS, spoke for Novel and Nosh, a book club that meets monthly to discuss the books that they read. According to her, “It was a great way to see the new kids [freshmen] become interested in the clubs, but I’m a little jealous that we didn’t have this opportunity when we were in ninth grade!” Sophomore Jordana Bruckheimer was another student who represented a few clubs, and she remarked, “The club fair gave me an excellent opportunity to publicize some amazing clubs, like Women’s Initiative and Torah Bowl. I was also able to explore some new clubs that I want to join this year.” It was so refreshing to see everybody so excited to share information about their favorite clubs!

In addition to being a great way to start the year, the club fair was a nice way to relax and meet new people- and even potential new friends. Even if new friends weren’t made, the club fair gave us an extra 40 minutes to socialize with our current friends!

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