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  • Jordana Bruckheimer

The Blood Drive

On Tuesday, November 8th, students and faculty older than 16 (who met other requirements) were eligible to participate in a life-saving mitzvah when our school hosted its annual blood drive. Half the gym, or the “Lion’s Den” as it has been renamed, was converted into a blood donation space as students and faculty filed in to donate blood.

Senior Brielle Kalter organized the drive and spoke about her motivations: “I wanted to be involved in such an important cause. I understand firsthand the importance as many of my family members have received blood transfusions.”

And, indeed, blood donations are needed now more than ever. Last January, the American Red Cross, a non-profit organization that supplies 40% of the nation’s blood, declared a blood crisis. This crisis has still not been resolved, leaving doctors to make difficult decisions regarding who should receive critical care in this time of shortage.

Fortunately, our students are helping to combat this crisis. Director of Student life Mrs. Lisa Septimus said, “There was a tremendous outpour of students and faculty donating. There is a crisis of a blood shortage in New York hospitals and our students and faculty are helping to save lives.”

Students and faculty were not just giving blood; they were also giving their time. Students who were unable to give blood at the drive helped out in other ways, such as by manning the snack tables and registration tablets. As Joshua Shenkman, a senior who donated blood on Tuesday, says, “Feels good to save a life.”

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