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Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Folk

Jolie Dilmanian: Where did you grow up?

Mrs. Folk: Huntington, New York.

Jolie Dilmanian: What high school did you attend?

Mrs. Folk: Cold Spring Harbor High School.

Jolie Dilmanian: What College did you go to?

Mrs. Folk: Syracuse.

Jolie Dilmanian: What did you study in Syracuse?

Mrs. Folk: Art and illustration.

Jolie Dilmanian: What is your job at North Shore?

Mrs. Folk: I teach art at an AP level.

Jolie Dilmanian: Do you do anything on the side, outside of school?

Mrs. Folk: Yes. I technically have three jobs. I am a mom of three daughters, I teach at North Shore, and I am a professional artist. I always have exhibitions that I am working with, I show new buyers my work, I attend art shows, and I showcase my art at galleries.

Jolie Dilmanian: Did you grow up wanting to be those things?

Mrs. Folk: Yes, always. I was passionate about it, and my passion didn’t go away. It was part of my life.

Jolie Dilmanian: What has your art journey looked like?

Mrs. Folk: I started off in the gallery world where I was a gallery director. I then opened up my own gallery, and I now transfer everything into teaching.

Jolie Dilmanian: How did you find out about North Shore?

Mrs. Folk: I was looking for a job at high school level and I saw this job posted on a website.

Jolie Dilmanian: Do you like working at North Shore?

Mrs. Folk: Of course! I love it here.

Jolie Dilmanian: What do you love most about working at North Shore?

Mrs. Folk: It’s small, so I get to know my students very well and I have them everyday. Public schools only have art twice a week. Not to mention, there is so much talent here at North Shore.

Jolie Dilmanian: What are your other hobbies?

Mrs. Folk: I love to read, play the piano, and travel.

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