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  • Farrah Mashihi

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Wecksell

This week's teacher spotlight is none other than Mrs. Wecksell! Joining the school as a math teacher only a few years ago, she has definitely strengthened North Shore's math department with her masterly and professional approach to her classes. She exerts much time and effort to create packets and worksheets, making learning easier for her students. She also makes sure to complete all the problems step by step, ensuring that all her students can follow along with ease. She does everything in her students' best interest and truly wants them to succeed. Students enjoy and appreciate her occasional jokes, as they lighten the mood of the class and make math more "fun."There is so much more to this wonderful teacher, though. Mrs. Wecksell is a genuine, joyous, and spirited individual. She enjoys reading, traveling, and playing the piano. Exceptional organizational skills have greatly contributed to Mrs. Wecksell’s ability to keep her eyes on the prize. She is fond of the color red, which she defines as bright, exciting, and rich in character. In fact, her students would agree that she herself fits this vibrant narrative. Mrs. Wecksell has observed that her most successful students dedicate time to review the material, listen in class, and work hard in order to achieve their goals- take notes guys! Essentially, she values the concept of earning grades- not receiving them. According to Mrs. Wecksell, good teachers engage themselves in their own subjects in order to help their students flourish and prosper. Overall, Mrs. Wecksell is an amazing person and teacher who coaches her students to approach math with confidence and efficiency. Any student would be lucky to have her as a teacher!

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