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  • Samantha Carmili

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Adler

Everybody always wonders what really goes on behind the scenes in the famous library of North Shore Hebrew Academy. Well, I recently had the honor of further investigating, and I’m here to tell you all about Mrs. Adler, our beloved librarian who plays a crucial role in our school. Mrs. Adler has been a librarian for thirteen years, and has worked in a public library as well as Yeshivot. Aside from being incredibly intelligent and kind, she truly has a deep love for helping students (and reading books.) According to Mrs. Adler, “helping students find a book is fun and rewarding.” She loves working at the North Shore Hebrew Academy High School because of the warm atmosphere, and the fun faculty and students. She also enjoys being a librarian because it allows her to read new books and help teenagers. Mrs. Adler’s biggest motivation in life is “making others happy and supporting others.” Some of her other interests include Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, animals (including frogs and dogs), horror movies, and spending time with loved ones.

Here are some interesting facts about Mrs. Adler:

She loves to write short stories and essays in her free time. Mrs. Adler’s favorite season is Spring, and her name, Aviva, means Spring in Hebrew! The book character she resonates with most is Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. She enjoys listening to 90’s jams, Hip hop, Rap, and Taylor Swift’s music (Who doesn’t?). If Mrs. Adler wasn’t a librarian, she’d be an Astronaut, because as a child she dreamt of being able to explore outer space. If she was stuck on a deserted island and could only choose three items to have, she would choose “A kindle to read books on, a Music Player, and a comfy couch.” If Mrs. Adler could choose one superhuman ability to have, it would be the ability to time travel. If she could meet any book character, she would meet Alice from Alice In Wonderland, “to find out what Wonderland was really like.” Mrs. Adler’s favorite holiday is Sukkot, because she “enjoys being outside and hanging out with family.”

North Shore Hebrew Academy is so lucky to have such a kind and incredible person as its librarian!

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