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  • Gabriella Kahen

Tarbut Trip: Van Gogh Exhibit

On Monday, October 25th, I, along with other students, was lucky enough to score a spot to visit the Van Gogh exhibit. This trip was a part of North Shore’s Tarbut program led by Mrs. Rozanski, providing students with plenty of cultural enrichment programs; this includes Broadway shows, city tours, and workshops. We left school after our first period class and made our way to the beautiful exhibit. There, we learned about the history of Van Gogh’s paintings and how they’ve changed over time and saw 3D makings of some of his artwork. I really enjoyed seeing the “Bedroom at Arles,” a small life-sized bedroom where people can take pictures. It looked just like the bedroom in Van Gogh’s painting. In Mrs. Rozanski’s words, this exhibit is a “marvelous exhibit that brings Van Gogh’s paintings to life in front of your eyes.” Towards the end of the self-guided tour, we entered a large room with lounge chairs and rugs where we watched an amazing 45 minute presentation about Van Gogh’s life and history. This compelling and beautiful show left everyone amazed. Afterwards, we got to make our own Van Gogh inspired drawing and showcase it on their wall! To conclude the trip, Ms. Dammacco, our chaperone, took us to Main Street where we enjoyed lunch before returning to school in time for eighth period. Overall, I really enjoyed this educational outing with my friends and highly recommend that everyone sign up for a Tarbut trip; there are so many options to pick from!

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