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  • Natalie Terrani

Summer break? More like summer work.

The only thing keeping most students going by this time of year is the fact that summer break is just weeks away. While relaxing all day seems like paradise to those currently dreading finals, it can become boring after a while, and one might find themselves feeling as though they've lost all purpose. The best way to prevent these feelings is by filling one's summer with productive activities and programs to take part in, such as internships, summer jobs, hanging out with friends, doing chesed, planning for next school year, and more. In fact, I did some of my own investigating to find out how North Shore students plan to spend their time off.

A freshman who has a strong passion for the sciences shared that “this summer, I will be going to a hospital twice a week and shadowing an orthopedic PA in his surgeries. I am so excited for all the new things I will learn and take away from this experience.” Some students shy away from participating in internships because they believe that they're very difficult to find. However, the reality is that if one goes about it the right way, internships can actually be quite easy to find, and the best part is that they're free! All you have to do is run a simple google search of internships in your area and contact any of them that pique your interest. After reaching out to numerous internship programs, the chances are that at least one, if not several of them, will accept you. Internships provide students with unique opportunities to gain knowledge and experience in areas that they are passionate about, and it also doesn't hurt that they boost your resume for college. Now, if you think that's delightful, wait until you hear of all the other fun things you can do to spice up your upcoming summer!

Students can also use their time to make some extra money by getting a job as a camp counselor, cashier, waiter/waitress, babysitter, dog-walker, etc. These are all fairly simple jobs that can teach students about the importance of money, and give them a sense of accomplishment and responsibility.

That being said, at the end of the day, these are just my personal suggestions, and the possibilities are truly limitless! Your summer will be what you make of it, so don't waste that opportunity! Go to a concert with your friends, open up your own camp, go to the beach, explore new places, have a picnic, get creative and paint something, make jewelry, start an online business- whatever floats your boat! Remember, the most important thing is to have fun, relax, and live your life to the fullest while you are still young.

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