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Student of the Month: Jasmin Edalati

Senior Jasmin Edalati epitomizes the quintessential North Shore Athlete-Scholar-Artist. As November North Shore's Student of the Month, Jasmin is a young woman dedicated and devoted to many aspects of life, from sports to academics to extracurriculars.

Volleyball and soccer are her favorite sports. According to Jasmin, who is Team Captain of volleyball and soccer: "The sense of family that our team has and has had through all years of high school has made the overall experience one I will remember for years to come."

Jasmin advises all Freshman to explore. According to Jasmin, "exploration opens your eyes to new passions and hobbies, while also narrowing down your options for whatever life path you chose to move ahead on starting senior year." Also, Jasmin has advice for the future that applies to us all: "Don’t follow the crowd when it comes to things like your future, you only push yourself backwards. Also, Don’t compare yourself to others here. It can get hard at times but understand that everyone’s moving on a different path, there’s no use in trying to shape yourself into someone else’s mold of life. be yourself throughout the next four years, don’t try to be something you’re not to impress people, it’s not how you’ll get through high school or life."

Chesed is also a big part of Jasmin’s life as she is also a part of the Mashadi Sisterhood and Chai Lifeline, contributing to community involvement and tzedakah.

When it comes to photography, Jasmin advises to "let it come from within you... photography is a form of art, everyone perceives it in a different way. Whatever you feel is a valuable capture, whether it be a leaf on the ground or the piece of lint sitting on your pants, whatever angle it’s taken from, no matter the lighting, if you feel that it’s an important moment to capture, do just that. It’s all about preference, don’t let anyone tell you that your work isn’t great."

Congratulations Jasmin!

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