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Student Interview: Eliana Soleimani

Updated: May 17, 2021

You may know her from the tennis court, shiriyah stage, or investing Club. Sophomore Eliana Soleimani has attended North Shore Hebrew Academy since Nursery, and she gains a bigger appreciation for it each year! As a member of the Chesed Club, Eliana greatly enjoys giving her time to help those in need. She regularly volunteers at the Great Neck Friendship Circle, where she spends quality time with special needs children and young adults. Last summer, Eliana spent time with a special needs child and enjoyed every ounce of it. She says that “bringing smiles to people’s faces is the most rewarding activity!”

Eliana is also a linguaphile, one who loves languages and words, and one of her favorite classes is Spanish with Ms. Davis. She is a peer tutor in Hebrew language as well. Eliana believes that being quadrilingual (she also understands Persian!) will give her an advantage in the business world, which is a possible future career path for her. In line with her interest in business, one of Eliana’s favorite clubs is the Investing Club with Mr. Garfinkel, where she learns all about the stock market, how to analyze stocks, and how to predict whether or not stocks will succeed.

Eliana also loves anything to do with Computer Science. This year, she is taking AP Computer Science Principles, or CSP, with Mrs. Wilensky and is an active member of the Girls Who Code club. She greatly appreciates both of these opportunities as they are what allowed her to discover her talent for coding! Eliana is currently coding a soccer app, called “Soccer Trivia,” with Sophomore Brooke Namdar. She hopes to eventually get it on the App Store! This summer, Eliana is participating in the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program, where she will further broaden her Computer Science abilities!

Keep up the great work, Eliana!

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