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  • Julia Hajibay-Piranesi

STEM at North Shore: The 360 Program

You’ve probably heard of the acronym STEM. But do you know what STEM stands for? No worries, let me spell it out: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math! In a nutshell, people decided that it was time to start preparing our economy for the future by granting students the opportunity to build their STEM skills. Here at North Shore, we offer a variety of clubs and classes so that you can practice all of that!

Are you really into science? If so, North Shore offers so many opportunities for you to conduct research and experiments. The Science Research class enables students to pose scientific questions and conduct experiments. Here at North Shore, we have students who have won first place in the Long Island Science Fair competition, as well as many other prestigious competitions. Moving along... are you a math genius? If so, Mr. Nagel’s traveling Math Team is perfect for you. Math Research, run by Mrs. Greene, is another great opportunity for you to apply math and research all in one. What about Engineering? Mr. Weinberg's class is an opportunity for you to strengthen your engineering skills and invent cool devices and programs. Last but not least, the T. That is why Mrs. Wilensky is here! She is the technology queen, and she runs the Girls Who Code club and even teaches AP Computer Science Principles. She teaches students how to code for all sorts of programs using special software.

STEM is not only an important pillar of North Shore, but it is extremely important in college as well. Don't wait to start your future; start it now- start it here at North Shore!

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