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  • Yoni Hourizadeh

Sports Section: Regardless of the Nets’ Success, The Knicks Run New York!

The Knicks and Nets both play in New York, and although the Nets have 3 All-Stars and sit at the top of the Eastern Conference, the 4th seed New York Knicks have received more credit, love, and attention from fans; this not only includes New Yorkers, but the basketball world as a whole. Regardless of the Nets’ success, the Knicks seem to always overcast them with their shadow. ESPN’s analyst Stephen A. Smith said “Barely anyone cares. Barely anyone cares in New York City compared to the Knicks. Because the New York Knicks are the team that’s buzzing. The New York Knicks are the one stealing headlines. Everybody is talking about the New York Knicks.'' Smith, a longtime Knicks fan, further emphasized his point as he stated: “ if the New York Knicks are in the playoffs and the Brooklyn Nets don’t win the chip, KD, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving will regret the day they passed on becoming a New York Knick.” While a very bold and debatable statement, this simply goes to show the effect the Knicks have on the city of New York and the pride that people take in them.

The Knicks recently had a 9-game winning streak, coming to an end after a close game against the Phoenix Suns (2nd seed in the West). The Knicks were the talk of the town as they had their longest winning streak since 2014, when Carmelo Anthony was the stud of the squad. Although the Nets have definitely been the better team this year, Coach of the Year candidate Tom Thibedeau and Most Improved Player nominee Julius Randle are leading the way for the Knicks’ bright future!

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