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  • Gilad Azaharian

Sports: "Getting Lit in Brooklyn"

In the 2012-13 season, the New Jersey Nets moved to Brooklyn and started a new chapter as a historic franchise in a new city. It’s safe to say that they got off to a rough start. The Nets began their time in Brooklyn by trading all of their future draft picks for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Despite the fact that on paper, the team they had formed a super team with All Stars Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez, Pierce, Garnett and NBA champion Jason Terry, the players had aged and were no longer in their primes. The team ended up falling apart without winning a championship; the Nets spent the next few years at the bottom of the rankings, while watching Boston draft future All Stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown with their picks that were traded away.

Fast forward to today- the Brooklyn Nets are now one of the best teams in the NBA, after signing Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. But yesterday, the Nets decided to repeat what they had done in 2013-14, by trading young stars Jarret Allen and Caris LeVert and four first round picks (and four pick swaps) to Houston for former MVP, James Harden. Immediately, the Nets formed one of the most talented teams we have ever seen. Arguably, the three of the top five best scorers in the NBA are now all on the same team. While there are still many questions surrounding the roster’s defensive capabilities, and if the huge egos of three superstars will mesh on the court; the Nets have undoubtedly created a roster that may be remembered as one of the best to ever play in the history of basketball. Nets fans can just hope they see Kyrie Irving return from his mysterious absence in order for the team to make a championship run.

(And if you were wondering, Harden will wear #13 in Brooklyn after stealing the number from Landry Shamet…)

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