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  • Davina Lavi

Spirit Week

This week was spirit week and everyday we got to partake in a fun activity. Wednesday was north shore apparel day, and students were asked to come to school wearing north shore colors or a jersey. It was wonderful to see the hallways filled with the colors green, yellow and white. There was so much school spirit expressed by the students. After mincha the students were given their chanukah gifts! Everyone was so excited and ran to get their very own customized NSHAHS water bottles. At the end of the day for the last two periods there was a student vs student basketball game. JV and Varsity boys were mixed around and split into two different teams. The game was very fun and ended with a tie so we had to go over time. All the students were cheering loudly and were having a great time. Those last two minutes where was very intense with back to back shots, but the final winner was the white team. NSHA apparel day was an amazing day to unite the students, I heard someone say, “Wow I haven't seen the school so united like this in a long time.” It really was great. Hopefully we can do this again next year.

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