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  • Ella Shusterman

Spirit Week

In honor of Chanukah, North Shore had its annual spirit week! To kick off the week, students were told to wear tie-dye clothing. The school was filled with bright, vibrant colors to set the tone of celebration. Not only did students wear tie-dye clothing, but during lunch, they were also given the opportunity to tie-dye their own masks on the terrace! Everyone was able to take home a comfy, cool, handmade mask! In addition, students received gifts such as a box of chocolate gelt and a pen with the North Shore logo!

Next, last Friday was Pajama Day. This was the one day of the year where students were free to wear their pajamas. People showed up to school in pajama sets, slippers, and their comfiest clothes. There was also a beautiful Kumsitz during breakfast to bring in the Shabbat and Chanukah spirit. It was led by Rabbi Weinberg, Rabbi Levy, and Rabbi Braun, who all set the joyful mood with their beautiful singing and guitar playing. The Kumsitz was very uplifting and spiritually moving.

The holiday of Chanukah and the month of Kislev are times of happiness, and students were able to bring great amounts of happiness to others by participating in Chesed activities. On Monday during lunch, students labeled and packaged bags for patients at North Shore and Northwell Hospitals. The packages contained items special for Shabbat such as Kiddush cups, candles, and besamim. These packages, without a doubt, will have meaningful and positive impacts on the patients who receive them.

Another component of spirit week was the annual North Shore’s Got Talent. Students were able to showcase their unique talents in a tryout video. Acts such as singing, dancing, comedy, instrument playing, and even blind chess playing blew the North Shore students and faculty away! Unfortunately, the live talent show was postponed due to the snowstorm, but we are eager to see what these talented students are capable of!

Spirit week creates an environment of unity and family within our school. Students were able to connect with one another, even throughout the challenges and changes brought by the pandemic. A huge thank you to Mrs. Septimus for organizing this really fun, meaningful, and memorable week! Hope everyone had a great Chanukah!

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