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  • Ethan Kohananoo

Sophomore Shiriyah Reflections

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Shiriyah is filled with unity, happiness, and a lot of fun. It's is a time when people come together and fight as one to take their teams to victory. This year, the sophomore class had an amazing experience during Shiriyah. The competitions that took place are what really brought the tenth grade together. As general Abby Setareh said, “I really enjoyed the way that all the students cheered on their friends while they participated in their activities. It truly showed the support we have for each other.” That support is what kept our team going, all through the ups and downs of Shiriyah. With the support of our peers, the sophomores were able to gain victories in many events. We came out on top in the foul shot competition, cake decorating, sports (Day 1), trivial pursuit, and many video games on the first day. Although we lost some other games, at the end of the day, everyone had an enjoyable time. "The sophomores had many special and funny moments, like when everyone chanted to play the sophomore video, which had been disqualified,” said general Steven Sardar. Another notable moment was with our grade's small choir performance, which blew away the entire audience. Despite our grade coming in fourth place, I think everyone in the sophomore class can agree that this year's Shiriyah will be one to remember.

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