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  • Jolie Dilmanian

Sophmore Shiriyah Reflections

This Shiriyah marked the class of 2025’s second year participating in the amazing week of fun and ruach that the North Shore Hebrew Academy hosts annually. That being said, it's important to remember that while we were enjoying ourselves, many of our faculty members were working hard to ensure we had a great experience. On behalf of the entire sophomore grade, I would like to thank Mrs. Septimus for making Shiriyah happen, as well as all the other members of the faculty who put hours upon hours of time and energy into it.

Shiriyah breakout took place on Friday, March 17, and just like every year, it was a "surprise" to all. Eli Shaye states, “I was in class and all of a sudden the TV turned on with a video announcing Shiriyah. Everyone in my class started screaming and we were all so excited.” That Friday, and over the weekend, students were assigned different events and competitions and started planning out the activities they were told to do. It was amazing to see people who weren’t close friends, yet have the same hobbies, get along and spend time together. Shiriyah provided us with an opportunity to not only spark new friendships with others but also learn more about ourselves.

For our grade specifically, the dance was one of the highlights of Shiriyah. Our grade took the event very seriously, and boys and girls alike wanted a part in the fun. On Wednesday, the entire school went to the gym and watched the dance performances, which were all very entertaining. On top of that, we got a chance to view the annual grade videos, which are a staple of Shiriyah. To this day, people still watch videos from over 10 years ago. Although they are just made up of comedic skits for the most part, they tell a lot about the grade and its mark on the school.

While these events stood out to me, they are just several among the huge variety of competitions that Shiriyah has to offer. I can't wait for next year!

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