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  • Chloe Mastour

So Long 007: Bidding Farewell to Bond with No Time to Die

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

It is a dark day for fans of Bond, James Bond (1962-2021).

James Bond will always be a timeless character. Your father probably loves James Bond, maybe even your grandfather. Our fathers introduced us to the ways of 007. Going to the movies to see the new James Bond has become somewhat of a rite of passage for many of us (some might even say a time of bonding).

Unlike Superman or Batman, James Bond was a character many (especially young boys) could embrace. Now James Bond is destroyed. He was blown to bits!

However, I’m not angry with the movie because Daniel Craig was killed off. Daniel Craig was never the epitome of James Bond. Perhaps you think the role was best portrayed by Roger Moore or Sean Connery. Yet each transition, from Connery to Lazenby, to Moore, to Dalton, was practically seamless. This time, however, James Bond had to die.

What does it mean for James Bond to die? Could it possibly mean that the age of white men is done? Most likely, considering that is the mainstream narrative promulgated by many in the media today. In recent years, several beloved franchises have been decimated by those who bear no respect for the art they have inherited, electing to prioritize their cultural, political, and social agendas rather than the demands of fans. Therefore, it is entirely probable for today’s recognized hostility towards whites (especially white men) to be symbolically captured by the moment James Bond (a white male icon that has never died before) dies in 2021. James Bond is gone, his death symbolically announcing to the country that the age of strong white men, the backbone of our nation’s founding, is done. It is clear that James Bond is now on the screen during our two-minute hate.

Now that James Bond is dead, the entire James Bond franchise is as good as dead too. Bond has always had a presence in my family and now it has been taken from us. I now have no interest in watching 007’s politically correct successor who will most probably tarnish that which James Bond has always stood for. I realize it is absurd for the death of a fictional character to be met with such anger; although, James Bond has been loved for nearly sixty years and is now gone. The character has been portrayed by several different actors throughout the years, their performances ranging from the charming to the cold-blooded, from the young-stud to the old veteran, from the campy to the serious; though James Bond’s purpose has always remained constant throughout.

Despite all of its technological limitations, the Golden Age of James Bond was undeniably a better time than the age we live in today. At least Hollywood, arguably the most perverted industry, was once trying to make money off of us rather than feed us propaganda. Gordon Gekko famously said, “Greed is good” in Wall Street and, to some extent, he was correct. Though it seems Hollywood has forgotten the ways of greed.

In this brave new world, no matter how thrilling the chase scenes or captivating the villain, James Bond is dead, and yet another piece of our bedrock is chipped off the soul of our country.

007 has been killed to make a political point. However, I suggest you rewatch the entire Bond series from start to finish before you buy tickets for No Time to Die. While I would always encourage you to form your own opinion after watching the movie for yourself, that cannot happen. I suggest you save your time and money.

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