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  • Ethan Kohananoo

Simmons and the Sixers

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

NBA player and All-Star Ben Simmons plays for the Philadelphia 76ers, who are also known as the Sixers. Ben Simmons wants to move out of the team, and there is nothing Philadelphia can do. Simmons does not want to play for the 76ers because he does not want to share the ball with his teammate, Joel Embiied; he dislikes his playstyle very much. Rather than waiting for a trade to come, Simmons wants to seek trades. He also refuses to play because he cost his team in the playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks last season. Simmons doesn't even want to play with the Sixers in the preseason because he is so ashamed.

Every game that Simmons does not play he is fined. It was recently revealed that Simmons got fined 494,000 Australian dollars for missing the game with Toronto on Tuesday. That penalty will extend to every game Simmons refuses to play. It only takes one game for Simmons to get fined. If I were in Simmons' position, I would do something fast. According to ESPN, Ben Simmons won't automatically get all his money back even if he securely gets a trade he so desperately wants. However, Simmons has a chance to get some of his money back if he cooperates with the Sixers. Bobby Marks, the NBA Front Office Insider for ESPN, states, “He’s gonna be home, I think he’ll be home, he’ll still have the Sixer name attached to him.” Mark is saying that Ben Simmons will end up being on the 76ers when the season starts. Mark also adds that Simmons will most likely only get his trade mid-season, playing for the Sixers the first couple of weeks. After all that trouble, it was reported a couple days ago that Simmons is going to stick with the 76ers for now. As we go into the actual season, it will be interesting to see what Simmons will do.

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