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  • Farrah Mashihi

Show Review: Mossad 101

Updated: May 3, 2021

If you’re looking for your next captivating and addicting Netflix TV show, you’ve come to the right place! “המדרשה,” or “Mossad 101,” is a TV Series in Hebrew about Israeli spies in training; it consists of 25 episodes across 2 seasons. It is unbelievably gripping and alluring, so much so that you will have to force yourself to shut the screen off! The mind-boggling and sophisticated plots cover every imaginable scenario. The show embodies the genres of crime, action, and even romance! Its incorporation of these genres sets multiple overlapping tones that shift within minutes. In short, the situational irony throughout the episodes is completely unexpected and complex.

Essentially, the genres of crime and action are exhibited in the character of Yonah, a Mossad super-agent who mentors the Mossad’s group of trainees. To be specific, Yonah’s job is not only to teach them self-defense and how to fight, but also how to get into people’s minds. This scheme of psychological and calculated manipulation is taught to the trainees through a process of jeopardizing missions, whether it be from having coffee with a murderous target or holding the target at gunpoint.

Additionally, the genre of romance is demonstrated throughout several aspects of the show. Specifically, when being grouped for missions, the Mossad would instruct the trainees to background check each other and intentionally paired them with group members whom they would usually associate with. This anticipates and builds a tolerance for dramatic and emotional situations. Needless to say, this also adds a lot of zest for the audience.

Overall, המדרשה is an extraordinary must-see series on Netflix that I highly recommend!

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