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Show Review- Hamilton

Due to the fact that many theaters were closed down in light of the pandemic, many shows uploaded their pre-recorded performances to streaming platforms for fans to watch at home. Hamilton was released on Disney Plus in July, causing the Disney Plus downloads to increase by a hefty 72%. On the weekend which it was released, it was watched by 1.8 million viewers and downloaded over 266,000 times.

Prior to watching, I had heard the soundtrack, and honestly did not enjoy it. I thought it was over hyped and could not appreciate the vocals. It was until I watched the recording that I was able to understand the pure genius behind the show. It integrates all types of musical styles, from rap to pop, while telling the life story of Alexander Hamilton, a founding father and a driving force in the establishment of our country. Throughout the course of the play, the viewer is able to learn about his personal and professional life, and their important roles as they intersect.

One of the most notable factors of the play is that the cast is mostly made up of people of color. Although seemingly paradoxical, the point is that when the story is retold, people of color should be included, despite the fact that at the time period in which the story takes place, they would be considered as second class citizens. It is an incredible play that I encourage anyone interested in history or theater to watch.

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