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  • Yoni Hourizadeh

Shiriyah Sports

This year’s Shiriyah was like no other, from how Covid affected the activities, to the fact that the Sophomores won the whole event, marking the second time ever the Senior Class lost. The sports competitions were extremely competitive this year, and there were upsets that may have led to the Sophomores’ victory. The Sophomores emerged victorious in both of their tennis matches, 1 of 2 ping pong matches, 1 of 2 football competitions, and also won some of the sports relay competitions. On A-day the Sophomores defeated the Seniors in the football competition after throwing further than them, but lost in the Ping Pong Championship. Luckily they defeated the Seniors in Ping-Pong on B-day, and also upset them in the Boy’s Sports relay. The Class of 2023 gave it their all in the sports competitions, and it could be argued that each victory was needed to defeat the relentless Senior Class.

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