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Shalom Task Force Purple Day

Last week, North Shore Hebrew Academy High School sponsored a “Health and Halacha Week.” The student body was able to step out of class for a bit to learn about health-related topics and their Halachic (Torah law) ramifications. On Tuesday, February 14, Shalom Task Force visited our school in order to raise awareness about domestic violence in the Jewish community.

Domestic abuse is defined as actions taken to maintain or gain one’s seniority over a relationship partner through harmful behaviors that range from financial, emotional, or religious to physical or sexual. Though rarely spoken about, it is still an unfortunate reality within the Jewish community. Shalom Task Force was created in 1992 with the mission of raising awareness of this issue and combatting it. Its current programs include a completely confidential hotline for victims of domestic abuse, as well as educational programs at institutions including high schools such as ours.

On Tuesday, a survivor of domestic abuse came to speak to the sophomores and juniors about her experience in her toxic relationship with her ex-husband and how she managed to leave it. After her inspiring speech, she opened up the floor to questions, which ranged from personal inquiries to broader questions about domestic violence in general. On the same day, the freshmen and seniors separated into smaller groups to workshop healthy relationships and boundaries. Senior Gabriella Kahen commented on her group, saying: “My favorite part about Purple Day was the relationship workshop where the girls in my grade and I got to learn about red flags in a relationship and how to maintain healthy relationships.” Overall, it was a very educational day.

The students also had the opportunity to support Shalom Task Force financially. During breakfast, delicious purple-frosted donuts were sold. Later, swag such as pop-it keychains and squishies were sold, emblazoned with Shalom Task Force’s contact information. Hopefully, the combination of fundraising and awareness-building will help NSHAHS students grow to become active fighters against domestic violence and abuse in our community, as well as the world at large.

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