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September Student of the Month Interview

North Shore’s September Student of the Month, Ikey Croog, sat down with the staff of North Shore Notes for an interview and the following is what he had to say:

Question: Why did you choose to attend North Shore Hebrew Academy High School?

Answer: I researched various different yeshiva high schools and loved that NSHAHS offers a variety of courses. I had also been told by many that the students at North Shore are kind, respectful, and very friendly; for me, that is very important.

Question: What extracurricular activities have you participated in at North Shore thus far?

Answer: I have participated in Mock Trial, the debate team, and multiple model congresses. I was also a participant in North Shore’s STEM Fair and won first place for my engineering project, an automatically deployable kickstand.

Question: How did you spend your summer?

Answer: I had a great computer science internship at Brown University over the summer. My main focus was working with their research team to transform a 2-D image into a 3-D one. They even offered that I work with them throughout the school year to help them publish their research paper. It was awesome!

Question: What has been the most impactful class you took at North Shore thus far?

Answer: This is a tough one, as I truly love all the classes I have taken, but my answer would be last year's Pre-Calculus BC class with Mr. Nagel. I have never been challenged as much as I was in that class. It forced me to think in a different way, something I was not used to at the time.

Question: What are some of your hobbies outside of school?

Answer: I’m into music and enjoy playing both the electric and acoustic guitar. I also love playing soccer and video games with my friends along with working at the JCC’s Camp Friendship to help kids with special needs.

Question: What is a core belief of yours that defines who you are as a person?

Answer: For me, being authentic is most important. It is significant to know yourself and do what you feel is most right. Fulfilling the wishes of others is pointless. One must pursue what they love and what they take interest in.

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