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  • David Yagudayev

September Student of the Month

The September student of the month is none other than Jack Henry Applebaum. Jack Henry’s time at North Shore has been filled with many accomplishments. Whether it’s being the President of the Investing Club, or earning a medal in Hofstra’s prestigious Math Fair, Jack Henry is heavily involved in the extracurricular activities here at North Shore. Jack Henry is interested in working in Investment banking and has already, as a high school student, learned so much about this interesting field. He is currently working on starting a new Global Finance Club and has not only taken, but also tutored other students in College Accounting.

Despite it being his senior year, Jack Henry has loaded himself with challenging classes such as AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics and Double Gemara. He loves learning and takes on the challenge. Jack Henry believes that his focus and confidence have really helped him excel in North Shore Hebrew Academy High School and achieve Student of the Month. He also loves helping others. He has participated in Tomchei Shabbos which is an organization that delivers food to the needy, Friendship Circle which consists of working with special needs children, and Yachad, an organization that helps special needs adults. Jack Henry is working hard toward his goals and trying to be the best he can be, and doing so wonderfully.

Congratulations Jack Henry!

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