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Senior Banner

This past week was Shiriyah, NSHAHS’s most anticipated event of the year. A large part of Shiriyah is the showcasing of the grades’ artistic abilities through banner, cake, architecture, and hallway. The Seniors’ theme was the 4 Stages of Redemption, which goes along with Shiriyah’s main theme of Pesach. It was painted by Emily Wietschner, Sophie Baum, and Tali Shavolian. They decided to delve into the idea of VeHotzaiti, VeHitzalti, VeGa’alti, and VeLakachti. In gold writing, they wrote the 4 stages on the banner. The students portrayed the concept of Geulah by painting Moshe with chains breaking apart. These chains resemble the Jews breaking apart from the slavery they suffered for several years.

The banner also shows Moshe actually “splitting” the sea and allowing the Jews to cross. This allowed the Jewish people to become truly free from the Egyptians and enter the land of Israel. Behind Moshe, you can see Har Sinai and the Torah. Another thing you can notice is that the students used the colors of all 4 teams. The green of Har Sinai represents the freshmen, the purple pigment of the clouds represents the sophomores, the blue of the sea represents the juniors, and finally the red background represents the seniors. This shows that though we may be divided during this color war, we are still united as the Jewish people, and through the 4 stages of redemption.

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