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Science Society: Trip of the Year

Here is a little recap of one of the most popular Science Society events of the year:

On Tuesday, November 22nd, after a quick bite of pizza and some science trivia, the Science Society got on a bus and went to the Hayden Planetarium. There, we got the opportunity to listen to this year's frontier lecture, narrated by Dr. Martha Gilmore under ’the dome’. In the lecture, Dr. Gilmore discussed the importance of our neighboring planet, Venus. She talked about past missions to Venus, including Magellan, as well as NASA’s two future missions to Venus, Davinci and Veritas. Science Society learned what we already know about the planet and what we hope to gain from these two upcoming missions. We also learned about the conditions for life, and whether life could have once existed on Venus. Finally, after an amazing night, we began the bus ride home, which was filled with some more highly requested trivia. Don’t miss our next field trip!

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