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  • Shoshana Horn

Scholastic Competition

The Scholastic competition is a national competition that rewards creativity in arts and writing since its establishment in 1923. Winners at North Shore Hebrew Academy High School this year include Chloe Mastour earning a Gold Key award for her entry "Research Project Spans Generations: Recovering Lost Work on Humanity's Most Resilient.” According to Chloe Mastour, “Sadly we are the last generation who will ever meet Holocaust survivors, who I believe are the true heroes of humanity. Heroes not because they survived, but because they endured the worst of inhumanity, and then somehow they found the courage to go on. Like my mother, I believe that the resilience of the human soul has been underestimated with regard to Holocaust survivors.” A Silver Key was awarded to Chloe Ganjian for her essay “The Green New Deal" and an Honorable Mention for "A Cold Summer,” and Ilana Greenberg earned a Silver Key for her essays "Drunk of Accolades" and "OCD.” According to Ilana Greenberg,”Writing is a way to both relieve emotion and share that emotion with others, and the Scholastic Competition is an excellent opportunity to inspire students to do so. I am grateful that I have had this opportunity, as my submissions were inspired by aspects of life that myself and many others are affected by.” Congratulations!

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