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  • Natalie Terrani

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: What Threats Does it Pose?

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

The recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which has already resulted in 2,870 deaths, is one which deserves the immediate attention of the world. This war is a crucial point in history and is the biggest dispute to occur in Europe since World War II. Before one starts to think of the possible outcomes of this war, it is first important that they understand how it started. Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, has placed troops along the Russo-Ukrainian border in an attempt to acquire this land. Putin has recently announced that he would draw back his troops, giving hope to the world that he might abandon his ambition for Ukraine. Despite his claims, the Russian President has added even more troops, ready to pounce on his prey at any moment. Putin has explained that his reasoning for Russia’s advances on Ukraine is that they could not afford to have members of NATO expand to Ukraine, and he also demanded that the late-joined members of the organization be removed from it. The danger that lies here is the potential for Europe to return to its political situation before the 1940s, which summons the possible threat of communism spreading and Russia wielding excessive control over European territories.

One might question how Putin has the power to threaten NATO and the rest of the world to get his way. Russia is the largest supplier of natural gas for the world, increasing its power drastically. As if this wasn’t horrific enough, it also possesses one of the most powerful military forces in the world. Putin's unpredictability also makes him dangerous.

Although the situation remains with no clear solution, it is most important to think of Ukrainian citizens during this time. After all they had gone through to gain independence from Russia after World War II, their rights are yet again in jeopardy of being stripped from them. Thousands of innocent lives have been lost by the hand of the Russian President. Even though an individual might feel powerless to help with this war, they can pray for peace in this world and for a better relationship between the countries.

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