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  • Emily Hakimian

Racial Justice- Team Trump

On the question of what Trump would do to discourage white supremacists and advocate for true equality?

President Trump has repeatedly denounced white supremacy. On August 14, 2017, President Trump said “KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.” He repeated similar statements throughout his presidency which the media does not properly cover. Regarding the issue of police brutality, President Trump condemned the actions of police officer Derek Chauvin with respect to George Floyd’s tragic death. Beyond these important gestures, President Trump is taking action on police reform, including the signing of an executive order to create a national police misconduct database. President Trump also believes that black Americans deserve equal opportunities.

He believes that black children should have access to good schools. He is an advocate for school choice which Democrats generally oppose. Guess who else supports school choice? Black Americans. According to a recent poll, 67% of African Americans support school choice.

Contrary to the narrative that our POTUS is racist, black unemployment prior to Covid-19 was at a record low. The civil rights movement of our time is criminal justice reform. Tragically, millions of Americans, disproportionately black Americans, had families destroyed by long prison sentences. In 1993, then Senator Joe Biden famously proclaimed: “Every major crime bill since 1976 that's come out of this Congress—every minor crime bill—has had the name of the Democratic senator from Delaware, Joe Biden.” In 2018, President Trump signed into law the First Step Act, which reforms federal prisons and sentencing laws to decrease the federal inmate population. Ironically, one of President Trump’s greatest accomplishments is helping undo the damage Joe Biden inflicted on black communities. This administration has brought investments and jobs to inner cities through Opportunity Zones. These tax incentives encourage businesses to bring jobs to neglected neighborhoods. In addition, under the Trump administration, federal funding for historically black colleges has increased by more than $100 million over the last two years, a 17% increase since 2017.

On the question of how Trump will be able to restore law and order?

President Trump wants American cities, including inner cities, to be safe. He does not support the preposterous and absurd idea of defunding the police, which Democrat officials across the country are pushing for. Guess who else doesn’t want police departments defunded? Black Americans. According to a Gallup survey this Summer, only 22% of black Americans were in favor of defunding the police movement. We need more, not less, funding for police departments so that they could be better prepared to deal with the challenges they face. Funding should go towards better training and community outreach!

We could all acknowledge that black lives do matter. Unfortunately, the movement has been hijacked in large part by ANTIFA and other radical left groups. While President Trump has repeatedly denounced white supremacists, Joe Biden refuses to condemn ANTIFA, an anarchist group destroying black communities. These people are destroying black small businesses and damaging property.

Why doesn’t Joe Biden condemn these radicals? Joe Biden is 78 years old and spent a lifetime in politics. Why is he now changing his stance on criminal justice reform? He was a Senator for 36 years and Vice President for 8 years. The 1994 Crime Bill was passed 26 years ago. Why has he waited until now to correct its obvious flaws? When it is time to govern, Joe Biden is like so many career politicians- all talk and no action.

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