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  • Gabriella Kahen

Purple Day

This past Tuesday NSHAHS hosted their annual purple day! Purple Day is a day meant for spreading awareness about domestic violence. Speakers from Shalom Task Force came to our campus and spoke to seniors about this issue and how it affects the Jewish community. Many Jewish communities don’t talk enough about domestic violence, and refuse to shed light on this topic. Shalom Task Force is an organization that brings awareness and support to those affected by domestic abuse. They have a hotline, preventive education programs, workshops, and a legal team- all used to help support victims of domestic abuse. Everyone was asked to wear purple that day, and almost everybody did! We sold donuts, pop it’s, hair ties, phone wallets, pop sockets, and more. The donuts were a big hit and over 10 dozen were sold! Thanks to all of our students and faculty, we were able to raise over $600! This money is going to be used to help men and women who suffer from domestic abuse and support them.

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