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  • Emma Hematian

Purple Day

Domestic abuse refers to violent behavior between partners in a relationship, typically where one partner tries to sustain power and control over the other, usually through emotional, mental, and/or physical abuse. Domestic abuse is an issue that has been overlooked for centuries. On February 11th, NSHAHS joined the Shalom Task Force for “Purple Day” to support them and recognize their efforts, in which they provide help and support to those suffering from domestic abuse and to promote healthy relationships. In order to help spread awareness of domestic violence in Jewish communities, NSHAHS sold purple kippahs, pop sockets, masks, and sweatshirts. During lunch, the school provided an optional program for juniors and seniors where they were given the opportunity and privilege to hear from a survivor of domestic abuse who was kind and brave enough to share their story. Hearing stories from survivors of abuse and how they got out of their situation is so crucial in life, especially if you are entering a new relationship. It’s so important to know the signs of an abusive/manipulative person, because it requires strength to pull yourself out of a situation like that. The work done by Shalom Task Force should not go unrecognized, for they truly save lives.

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