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  • Abigail Mottahedeh and Ella Shusterman

Pre-Election Day Town Hall

This year’s election will be a turning point for American society. Whatever the outcome is, it will undoubtedly influence the lives of many. There has been a wave of importance over the entire country, for old and young alike. The unprecedented situations of these past few years, 2020 in particular, have catapulted the election out of its usual bubble and into every corner of society. Americans should do their civil duty to not just vote for the person, but to vote for change, that they see fit.

With great gratitude to Mr. Miles, the students of North Shore Hebrew Academy High School had the amazing opportunity to participate in a school-wide Town Hall simulation. Nine prevalent issues were discussed: the Coronavirus, economy and healthcare, gun control, racial justice, climate change, immigration, women’s rights, foreign policy, and presidential character. Students had the chance to express the point of views of either President Trump or Vice President Biden regarding these issues. Students will have the opportunity to vote for which candidate they believe will be the best fit for the advancement of American society. This special edition issue of North Shore Notes will be a transcription of the speeches made by students during this Town Hall.

Hopefully, the ideas and concepts debated in the Town Hall help NSHAHS students gain a better understanding of why this election is crucial to the future of our country.

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