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  • Chloe Ganjian

Post-Shiriyah Interview with Mrs. Septimus

It’s fair to say that Shiriyah is a prominent highlight of every North Shore students’ career. With its countless exciting activities and intense sense of unity, Shiriyah is truly unforgettable. And that is all thanks to Mrs. Septimus, our incredible Shiriyah coordinator! I interviewed Mrs. Septimus to gain her insight on how she felt Shiriyah 2021 went, as well as how she managed to plan this amazing event.

Mrs. Septimus has planned 16 Shiriyahs, which in my opinion, qualifies her as a Shiriyah expert! When I asked Mrs. Septimus why she went ahead with Shiriyah this year despite all the unavoidable challenges presented, she told me that this year’s struggles gave her an even stronger motivation to plan Shiriyah. She knows that for many, every day since the pandemic began may seem monotonous, and she felt that Shiriyah, with its overflowing sense of unity and spirit, was the perfect solution. Mrs. Septimus loves the fact that Shiriyah combines Torah learning with secular activities. She says that teachers always want students to internalize Torah, and when students have to think about Biblical themes while choreographing a dance, filming a video, painting and singing, they accomplish just that.

Mrs. Septimus feels that one advantage to this year’s hybrid learning system is that there was room for more students to participate in activities since each activity took place twice and required new students each day.

Mrs. Septimus says that decisions regarding Shiriyah were made with safety being a top priority. The question of how to conduct the last night of Shiriyah was a challenge because gathering the whole school together was not a safe option. All songs ended up being pre recorded and presented on Zoom. This was definitely the most challenging piece and Mrs. Septimus can’t wait to return to an in person Shiriyah next year!

Mrs. Septimus feels that Shiriyah went “really well!” As she says, “Students were excited and you were able to feel the excitement all over school!” It is difficult for Mrs. Septimus to choose a favorite part of Shiriyah because she loves all of it, but if she had to pick, it would be the apache relay race. Not only is it super fun, but the apache race also combines many different areas of strength- it involves intellectual skill, athletic capability, musical talent, Biblical knowledge and so much more! She also loves going to the song rehearsals and singing with each grade.

Shiriyah was a fantastic experience, and Mrs. Septimus’s planning certainly didn’t go unnoticed. Thank you to Mrs. Septimus! We can’t wait for next year!

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