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  • Ethan Kohananoo

Plans for Next Season in the NBA and NBPA

The NBA and NBPA recently had a disagreement as to when to start the next season. The NBA wanted an earlier start so they could get enough games in the season, which they were worried they would not be able to do because of the delay of the Coronavirus. On the other hand, the NBPA wanted a later start so the players who played at the end of the last season could get enough rest. Both parties had come to an agreement to start the next season on December 22. However, because of this short break between the seasons, some issues must be resolved quickly. One major problem that needs to be resolved is the lack of time to organize the NBA draft. In my opinion, the NBA needs to rush through the draft in order to start on time. Otherwise their perfect 72-game will be affected. Another problem that must be resolved is the safety issues. Because of the Coronavirus, all players must be all tested for Covid periodically. All this has to be worked out before the plans for the next season. Additional details remain to be discussed, and the NBPA is confident that the players will agree on solutions to these obstacles. The NBA and NBPA will continue to discuss these issues,though there's an urge to finalize those problems as soon as possible. The draft is scheduled to take place on November 18, where NBA teams will be drafting new players and shortly to follow is the Free Agency period where they can sign players who were on expiring contracts.

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