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  • David Hanan

Parshat Vayera: Seeing the Ram

The episode of Akeidat Yitzchak takes place in this week's Parsha, Parshat Vayera. In the last moments before Avraham is about to sacrifice Yitzchak, his son, to HaShem, an angel comes to stop him; he informs Avraham that he passed HaShem’s test, proving his faith to him. Rashi comments the following on the verse: Avrahram wanted to at least give Yitzchak a cut on his body, however his request was denied. Instead, Avraham sacrifices a ram, replacing his son, which he finds near him, intertwined by its horns in a bush. As written in the pasuk: “And Abraham raised his eyes and saw–behold, a ram!–afterwards, caught in the bushes by its thorns; so Abraham went and took the ram and offered it up instead of his son” (Genesis 22:13). It is important to note that Avraham raises his eyes and because of that he sees the ram. The Ram, a sign that HaShem never intended to have Avraham sacrifice Yitzchak, was there the entire time, but Avraham only had the ability to perceive it when he sought a better choice. This teaches us a great lesson: in a dire situation one should always be optimistic and seek out the best choice in their circumstances. Solutions aren’t catered, they are found.

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